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Significant Other CHECK (SOCK)

Something not quite right. Need to make sure your kids are safe. Does your Sock have a mysterious past? We’ll find out….

We can find out if they have child support, married, divorce, car in their momma's name.... In bankruptcy, million speeding tickets or have a shady past.

Sometimes the people close to us are the most misleading. They tell us what we want to hear but hide ugly things behind our backs. Maybe it's lying by omission. Often times you may not know what to ask to get the answer you want and need! We got your back, we will get the answer before you ask the question!



We search public info for you, not everything is easy to find we’ll find your SOCK and place info about it in a nice neat tidy report…….


This report is not actionable IAW FRCA. It can help avoid mistakes… you made need to lose that SOCK.


If you have a person’s first and last name, enter it in Wolfpack Squad to begin your search.

you can pull background reports on:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Exes
  • Roommates
  • Business associates
  • Neighbors

The person you are looking for may appear in someone else’s report as a possible relative, neighbor, or associate.